Sports Injuries at The Acupuncture Works in Lewes

Participating in regular sports or exercise is of great benefit to those that participate. The one drawback is the  Sports Injuries treatment using acupuncture and massage at The Acupuncture Works in Lewes, East Sussex.susceptibility to injury. When such injuries arise, it is of paramount importance to get you back on your feet and exercising again as quickly as possible. Untreated sports injuries usually create complications if left untreated, some of which may not be experienced until later life.

Broadly speaking sports injuries are injuries sustained through playing sports and usually affect the musculoskeletal system including the muscles, bones, joints ligaments and tendons.


I was trained in massage or more precisely Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage) by two physiotherapists, one of whom focuses on treating sports injuries for athletes who engage in everything from Tennis and Gymnastics to Rugby and Cage fighting!

Your Personal Treatment Plan will consist of a course of massage and acupuncture, rehabilitation exercises, foods to add and avoid and lifestyle adjustment suggestions.

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