Fertility Treatment at The Acupuncture Works

Not everyone is lucky enough to conceive quickly and with ease; fertility issues affect around 15% of couples in the UK.

At The Acupuncture Works, while we don’t offer miracles, we do provide grounded treatment which aims to maximise your physical, mental and emotional states to improve your chances of conceiving and giving birth to a healthy child. Once you have become pregnant we then provide treatment to allow you to handle the pregnancy as smoothly as possible.

Please call Esaias now on 01273 359 050 to arrange your full diagnosis or use our online booking system.

Using a philosophy that is more than 5,000 years old we formulate a Personalised Treatment Plan (PTP) that takes into consideration any underlying health issues, age and lifestyle choices. We examine and treat you according to your menstrual cycle and will make recommendations about your diet to assist the treatment. It is extremely common for fertility issues to give rise to emotional states of anger and depression that are not conducive to creating the best chance of becoming and remaining pregnant.