Massage at The Acupuncture Works in Lewes

Massage at The Acupuncture Works in Lewes is Tui Na. Tui Na is made up of five systems that include the manipulation of the skin, muscles, tendons, sinews, nerves, fascia, internal organs and organ systems.

Massage at The Acupuncture Works in Lewes

At The Acupuncture Works in Lewes, we’ve been practicing massage for more than ten years. Originally our training was in Qi Gong Tui Na, which translates to energy cultivation massage and can be used instead of acupuncture.  More recently we have adopted a more physical or Yang approach to massage. We provide deep tissue massage while employing diagnostic and treatment principles of Chinese Medicine to facilitate the healing process.

Our massage clinic, in Lewes, offers a course of four weekly treatments for only £160, which really allows an impact to be made on whatever ails you.

Massage is used as both a preventative treatment as well as a system for healing and works by applying specific massage techniques to clear obstructions to the body’s channels of energy whilst improving and promoting Blood circulation.

More recently we have adopted sinew release massage techniques taken from Classical Chinese medicine, which can often have profound effects on treatment.

Massage also focuses on improving the structural alignment of the body and on healing the soft tissues. It corrects deviations in the functioning of the internal organs, nerves and joints. Tui Na is the foundation of modern Swedish massage, reflexology, myofascial trigger point therapy and neuromuscular therapy or NMT.

In China, massage is divided into five different schools of instruction: Jie Gu, Tui Na, Gua Sha, An Mo and Jing point therapy.

The literal translation of Jie Gu is “knotted bone” and is the art of manipulating the bones and ligaments to unravel trapped Blood and Qi accumulated at the patients joints.

Tui Na, when translated means “Pushing and Grasping” and focuses on the external manipulation and adjustment of muscles and tendons to affect any abnormal Qi circulation. It was originally developed to deal with correcting the misalignment of the body’s bones and muscles caused by physical injury and it is understood that Reflexology has its roots in the use of Tui Na in Chinese paediatric  treatment.

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