I look forward to my weekly acupuncture treatment for stress knowing the tension will melt away.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for all you have done with regard to my acupuncture treatment. At all times I felt in really good hands and positive that the outcome would be a good one. Your approach is friendly, relaxed and above all professional. After 3 miscarriages, I was beginning to wonder if all would come good for me. Kitty’s happy arrival is one that I will be forever grateful for and weighing in at 9lb 10z it’s clear my body was in tip top flow and condition to ensure she was so good and healthy. I put that down to my treatment with you so thank you, thank you, thank you.

Having never tried Acupuncture before, I really didn’t know what to expect but after the first session I knew that I’d found a treatment that works effectively and quickly. I was lacking in energy as well as having lower back problems; Esaias not only treated me with needles but also gave me some Chinese massage which was amazing! My energy returned after the first session and I went back for a ‘top up’ the following week as I was still on a high from having my energy back. I haven’t had any back problems since – it helped that Esaias emailed me some back exercises that he recommended for me. He also spent time talking through a range of issues demonstrating a real commitment, enthusiasm and vast knowledge base. His love and dedication to the subject of Acupuncture is inspiring. Added to that, I find him very personable, non-judgmental with a great sense of humour – great assets for making you feel relaxed! I’ll definitely be going back for regular ‘top-ups’!

I started being treated by Esaias two months ago. After many years of very good health, I had started to feel very poorly indeed and was also suffering from back pain. I had Acupuncture very successfully in my 20s and early 40s but I felt that this wasn’t going to be enough on its own. What Esaias does (apart from make me laugh, sometimes uncontrollably!) is treat the whole person through the principles of Chinese Medicine. He offers information and advice about diet and exercise and includes massage techniques as part of the treatment. He is knowledgeable without being boring and is incredibly generous as a person with his time because he loves what he does and invests in his clients. I look forward to my appointments (having never been a fan of needles however small!). I am getting to grips with the way my 50 year old body works, do my daily exercises, never eat ice cream ( or if I do I don’t tell him) and always blow dry my hair! Most importantly I feel so much better! Did I mention that he’s very funny….?…

After trying most things, I called on Esaias to help me with my sciatica. I wished I’d called on him sooner – but I guess my anxiety about needles put him on the back burner. I needn’t have worried – the needles are so fine, I didn’t feel a thing, only the blessed release of my sciatic pan. An extremely professional and expert therapy conducted by a really calm and understanding man.

…the real value in treatment by Esaias is that he treats the whole body. You don’t just unload; he encourages you to really consider where your health problems emanate from.

…I valued the care and attention provided, the clarity of imparted knowledge. Significant to my treatment…

My anxiety is so much reduced after my treatment. I did not realise acupuncture could do this.

…absolutely brilliant! Sorted me out a treat. I had really bad, debilitating kidney/lower back pain that the doctor was hopeless for. I had a couple of sessions with Esaias and it was better in no time. Thank you so much!..

Having tried and failed to quit smoking more than a hundred times, using various methods, I came to Esaias, as I had received some excellent treatments from him for other things, and we planned that he would assist me to quit on a given date. To cut a long story short, with thanks to Esaias and his needles, I have now been a non smoker for either 9 or 10 years (I forget) and what’s more it was painless, and Esaias was always there to invigorate my chi and keep me in good form. I find it great to check in with Esaias and get a ‘lift’ every now and again. I can’t recommend his skills and devotion to his patients highly enough. The best acupuncturist I have ever been to, hands down!

…a couple of weeks ago my back was seizing up on one side, as was my glute, which was trapping my sciatic nerve. None of my usuaI back exercises were helping to relieve it, so I booked a massage session with The Acupuncture Works – I was so impressed. I received an extremely competent and effective massage; very thorough indeed. Esaias managed to get into all the muscles and relax them to a great extent. He finished the session with some acupuncture which also felt very good. Since that session my back and leg have steadily improved while I have continued to work as normal. I’ll be going back again soon for another session to see if my back can be relaxed still further…

When I went to have acupuncture treatment with Esaias, he treated me for an acute stage of kidney infection, which immediately turned around and came under control and my body returned to balance. I had had acupuncture before from other acupuncturists and had been needle phobic, but Esaias’ gentle approach meant that I did not experience that again. He also treated my young son for a high temperature and we immediately saw results.
Again, Esaias’ sensitive approach was very good for my son. Each time I had acupuncture from Esaias, I would begin to feel like myself again. It was very good for my spirit during low times.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the acupuncture work you did with me. Your professionalism and calming bed side manner put me at ease immediately. I was already accepting of the concept of Chinese medicine and that was very much re-enforced when I came to your clinic. I felt you listened to what my presenting issues were and through your knowledge and questions to me, got to the route of the problem. Following the treatment(s) I noticed a significant improvement, allowing me to work without having to sign off sick.

Esaias treats people with kindness and positive regard and helped make my transition from smoker to non smoker, so very, very easy.

Having had a sports injury to my shoulder brought about by playing tennis, I noticed an immediate improvement and the course of 2 weeks of massage and acupuncture helped fix the injury and get me back to playing the sport I enjoy the most rather than having to take endless pain killers.

I’d suffered with arthritic pain in my back for a couple of years and decided to try something different from the usual drugs that my doctor prescribed. So I tried The Acupuncture Works alongside my doctor and although I felt a significant improvement straight way,  after 2 or 3 weeks of weekly treatment I was able to go swimming again!. Now I visit to have a treatment once a month to keep on top of my condition(s) and my sleeping couldn’t be better!.

I would thoroughly recommend acupuncture with Esaias. He takes time to get to the root of the problem, is very committed, and his treatments leave me feeling relaxed and calm.

‘I came to see Esaias looking for some help with my chronic insomnia and from the outset he put me at ease and gave me hope that there was a potential solution to my problem. After a course of acupuncture I noticed a marked improvement in my quality of sleep and I haven’t looked back since!’

If anyone could make you feel at ease it’s Esaias Hobbs! And my stress and digestive problems were helped amazingly right from the first session.