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Esaias originally set up as an Acupuncturist in Watford back in 2003 after having completed a 3 year training program with the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading. During his final year he began a post graduate training in Qigong Tui Na with Rosie Grandage at Westminster University. His interest in Chinese medicine was initiated through his love of the Chinese martial arts, namely Wing Chung Kung Fu and Tai Ji Quan, whose philosophy of Taoism was at the root of their practice.

In the Spring of 2012 and 2014 he was lucky enough to spend a week on a residential training course with Tai Ji Master Wee Kee Jin, who is living proof of real Tai Ji mastery – why not check him out on You Tube?

He set up The Acupuncture Works in Lewes in 2005 and has been based at the Subud Centre in the centre of Lewes for most of that time, prior to this he was practicing in Sheffield.

His practice provides acupuncture, massage or a combination of the two to all his patients. Many believe Tui Na to be the root of practically all massage systems practiced in the West and according to Classical Chinese medicine, it’s techniques predate acupuncture and form the basis of all needling techniques. It’s strength lies not only in it’s techniques but also in it’s system of diagnosis which is Chinese Medicine and dates back around 5,000 years.

We practice 3 systems of Chinese Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Five Element Acupuncture and Classical Chinese Medicine though acupuncture and massage. Tui Na is performed through clothing, which allows the patient to relax and the practitioner to use a variety of techniques that, if done directly on the skin, would cause too much friction.

More recently in 2013, Matthew was trained in a vigorous or ‘Yang’ style of Tui Na, developed by a Sports Medicine practitioner, Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist and Tui Na Therapist. This has given him the ability to treat any musculo-skeletal problem that presents itself in the clinic and the knowledge of when to refer a case to the GP or emergency room!  Having received this extensive training, it is his belief that acupuncture alone maybe ill-equipped to deal with many musculo-skeletal problems.

Tui Na (pronounced Twee Nah) is a system of massage that uses the same diagnostic principles as any other form of Chinese Medicine. It is Tui Na has a history that goes back as far as Chinese acupuncture and is an extremely powerful way of inducing healing, not only of aches and pains and musculo-skeletal problems, but also for any illness you may be suffering from.

Self help is an important aspect of good health and you’ll be pleased to know that there are many ways in which a patient can support their own treatment which we are  happy to assist with this by offering advice on Diet, Stretching and Qi Gong (Chinese energy regulating exercises).

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