Aiding Conception

In order to offer the best chance for conception, women usually begin treatment 3 months in advance of their trying to conceive.

Using acupuncture I treat around a woman’s cycle on a weekly basis to correct any imbalances she may have. A woman with long term imbalances who falls pregnant may experience a more difficult pregnancy or a greater difficulty conceiving.

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The conditions that I focus on prior to conception are imbalances in the liver, which may be identified by irregular periods and premenstrual symptoms. Such women usually experience nausea and vomiting of bile during early pregnancy.

Premenstrual symptoms include breast distension, irritability, depression and pain in the lower abdomen, throbbing headaches.

If a woman has suffered a series of miscarriages she is likely to exhibit a deficiency of Kidney energy and symptoms may include back ache around the time of the period. Repeated IVF treatments may cause the Kidneys Yin energy to be weakened, highlighting the need to nourish the Kidneys. Women who fall pregnant with a background of Kidney Yin deficiency may experience high blood pressure. Those who exhibit a weakness of Kidney Yang energy may experience some oedema.