Treatment of Headache

From a Western medicine perspective, so long as worrying features are not present, your Dr will prescribe pain killers of varying strengths according to the severity of the pain experienced. Most commonly headaches will not get progressively worse over a period of months or weeks and will often be worse during times of stress, settling down when the stress diminishes.

Headache – Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

We diagnose according to the precises nature and location of the pain. There are “Full” conditions and “Empty” conditions, where Full conditions exhibit more extreme symptoms and indicate an excess that needs to be cleared, moved or harmonised and “Empty” indicate less severe symptoms and require strengthening to resolve the pain.

Not only that but we also classify according to whether the headache is “Internal” or “External”.

Internal conditions that can cause “Full” headache include Liver Qi Stagnation, Liver Yang Rising, Liver Fire Blazing, Stomach Fire and Blood Stagnation. External causes of “Full” headaches include invasion of Wind-Heat, Wind-Cold or Wind-Damp.

“Internal” “Empty” conditions include Blood, Qi and Kidney deficiency, all of which lead to a stagnation of Qi and / or Blood, in the location where the pain is experienced.

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