Treating Morning Sickness

During the first 3 months of pregnancy our main objectives are to stop you feeling and being sick.  We accomplish this by  subduing rebellious Qi, harmonising the Stomach and to stop the vomiting. We will of course aim to address any other symptoms you might be experiencing to help reduce discomfort.

Not all Morning Sickness is experienced in the same way by  expectant mothers, we make a careful diagnosis based upon your symptoms, your pulse and your tongue as is traditional in Chinese Medicine.

If you are needle phobic, there is no need to worry!  I am an experienced remedial Chinese Massage therapist (Tui Na) capable of performing effective treatments without the use of needles.

Based upon experience I would expect you to start feeling different from the first 2-3 treatments and would expect a more permanent change to take place after 6 treatments or more. Ideally it will be of greater benefit to treat you more that once in the first week to really get things moving.