The Acupuncture Works in Lewes

Esaias Hobbs of The Acupuncture Works in Lewes
My name is Esaias Hobbs, I am the Practice Director and Senior Practitioner at The Acupuncture Works and I’d like to welcome you to The Acupuncture Works website.

At The Acupuncture Works we’ve been practising Chinese Acupuncture and Massage for more than seventeen years. We integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Five Element Chinese Acupuncture and engage in regular CPD (Continual Professional Development), which hones our treating ability and allows us to offer our patients the most comprehensive Personal Treatment Plan (PTP) available.  More recently, I have engaged in post-graduate studies in Classical Chinese Medicine, which takes the understanding of Chinese medicine back to ‘The Classics’ and provides a deeper understanding and treatment ability than I have found available through TCM and Five Element alone.

We specialise in the treatment of Pain; Back pain, IBS, Depression, Insomnia, Frozen Shoulder, Headache, Stress, Anxiety and Fertility issues.

Our ethos is to eradicate unnecessary suffering and you will notice, within our shop, that we are running several Special Offers, so if you would like to take advantage of any of them, please give us a call or book an appointment online.

A comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of what acupuncture will treat can be found by clicking the link: What will Acupuncture Treat?

Appointment Hours available at The Acupuncture Works in Lewes

Treatment Room of The Acupuncture Works in Lewes

Monday – 10am to 6pm
Tuesday – 10am to 6pm
Wednesday – 10am to 6pm
Thursday – 10am to 6pm
Friday – 10am to 6pm
Saturday – 10am to 4pm

With our appointments system, there is no waiting around. You can book via the online booking system or by calling us on 01273 359 050.
If you drop by anytime during opening hours and we are available to treat you, we will of course without the need for pre-booking an appointment.

Testimonials about The Acupuncture Works in Lewes

“Having had a sports injury to my shoulder brought about by playing tennis, I noticed an immediate improvement and the course of 2 weeks of massage and acupuncture helped fix the injury and get me back to playing the sport I enjoy the most rather than having to take endless pain killers.”
“Having tried and failed to quit smoking more than a hundred times, using various methods, I came to Esaias, as I had received some excellent treatments from him for other things, and we planned that he would assist me to quit on a given date.
To cut a long story short, with thanks to Esaias and his needles, I have now been a non smoker for either 9 or 10 years (I forget) and what’s more it was painless, and Esaias was always there to invigorate my chi and keep me in good form.
I find it great to check in with Esaias and get a ‘lift’ every now and again. I can’t recommend his skills and devotion to his patients highly enough. The best acupuncturist I have ever been to, hands down!”